Reid Western

Reid Western is a new western brand inspired from a family lifestyle. Wil and Layla Reid created Reid Western to honor and preserve all of the blessings they enjoy from the mountains and the pastures of Virginia. It started with saving bottle lambs, an occasional goat, a few show lambs and getting a dog. All of that led to more dogs, ponies and horses, cows, calves, a few steers and a cattle brand. And along the way, a little deer hunting, a lot of turkey hunting and a desire to see any animals in the woods. And, they’ve done it all with and because of their five children who have grown up too fast, in spite of all the chaos!
Reid Western stands for something and wants to encourage you to stand for something wherever you may be.
Support local. Support the people around you small and large, young and old. Support your home and family and lift up the little things that make our lives great in America and all around the world. For Reid Western, it starts in the country and the mountains of western Virginia. Our lifestyle supports the things we believe in, the companies we believe in and the people we believe in. And not just in Virginia because it is home, but across our great nation. Reid Western stands up for those who have paved the road we are on. From our families and our churches, our military, our law enforcement, our fire fighters, our rescue and healthcare personnel, our hospitals, our doctors, our nurses, our educators and all those working hard everyday making our country a better place to live, Reid Western salutes you and thanks you.
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